• Bilbo’s Pet Grooming is open so we can continue to care for the pets and clients that need us. Please note that 
  • Process : Please remain at the gate with your pet, we will collect them for their groom and return them to you.
  • We only allow multiple pets from the same household at any one time so staff can disinfect the premises between pets/ pets from the same household
  • We work in compliance with government guidelines and update procedures when required to do so. Please do not visit Bilbo’s if you are unwell or have been in contact with anyone who may have coronovirus.

Comprehensive Grooming and Bathing for Dogs in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Make sure that your dog is always looking clean and glamorous, Bilbo's Pet Grooming offers a full, professional grooming experience.

Working with pets across Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, our services are up to UK Kennel Club standards, providing anything from brushing and bathing, tailored to you and your pet's lifestyle and preferences.

Our Grooming Service

Our comprehensive groom services are vast and tailored to the breed of your dog

Our grooming services include:

Our Grooming Service

  • Full Brushing to Assist with the Natural Shedding of Your Pet's Coat

  • Deep-Cleanse Bathing with Multi-Award-Winning Animology Shampoo

  • Coat Styling according to You and Your Dog's Lifestyle

  • Cleaning of the Ears with an Antibacterial Solution

  • Nail Clipping and Filing for Healthy Claws

Difficult, nervous, or dogs with 'Dogitude'

With time, patience & care, most dogs can be successfully groomed. There are a few dogs, however, that may find the grooming process too stressful. In this situation, we work in collaboration with Andrea Reynolds MRVS at Archway Veterinary Centre who can provide properly supervised sedation whilst your dog has the benefit of our grooming expertise. Price is normal groom price + veterinary sedation cost.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 

Sat & Sun 10:00-16:00

Grooming Elderly pets or those with special needs

At Bilbo's Pet Grooming, we understand the needs of injured and ailing pets and therefore are able to offer grooming to pets with special needs. We know that some pets are unable to stand for long periods of time required for grooming, some pets have difficulty standing if able at all. These pets should be bathed and groomed by professionals that understand how to make their experience not only pleasant but one that doesn’t exacerbate current conditions.

3-Step Puppy Induction

A gentle introduction to the grooming experience.

The Puppy Induction consists of 3 sessions. We will cover handling, bathing, table, drying, clippers, and scissors as appropriate to breed. We will reward your puppy with lots of cuddles and playtime. Our aim is to make the experience enjoyable to help your puppy look forward to being pampered for the rest of their lives.

Ideally, your puppy should start going to the groomer as soon as possible after they have completed their course of initial vaccinations but Bilbo’s Puppy Induction is available for puppies up to 6 months of age.


Session 1

Bring your puppy into the salon to meet us. We will give you tips on how to groom your puppy and will answer any questions you have about our salon and grooming. You puppy will receive lots of cuddles and attention. This will take around 15 minutes.


Session 2

You will leave your puppy with us for approximately 60 minutes for a professional bath, brush, and hair dry, a chance to get accustomed to equipment sounds, and hopefully give them a little brush through.


Session 3

We will bathe, dry, brush out and give your puppy its first breed-specific styling session. This will take no longer than 90 minutes.

Following the Puppy Induction, we recommend you make a booking to carry out your puppy’s first proper full groom within 4 weeks.

Puppy Induction £25

Looking to have your dog pampered? Contact our team for the grooming, bathing, and other services we provide across Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.