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  • Process : Please remain at the gate with your pet, we will collect them for their groom and return them to you.
  • We only allow multiple pets from the same household at any one time so staff can disinfect the premises between pets/ pets from the same household
  • We work in compliance with government guidelines and update procedures when required to do so. Please do not visit Bilbo’s if you are unwell or have been in contact with anyone who may have coronovirus.

Dental Care

4 out of 5 dogs over 2 years of age have dental problems caused by plaque and tartar. An effective remedy is a regularly scheduled oral hygiene routine using an ultrasonic toothbrush!

Ultrasound supports the destruction of bacteria on the teeth and the gum, up to 12mm deep into the gingival pockets. As it makes no noise at all, it doesn't even vibrate, it is especially brilliant for dogs that don't easily tolerate having their teeth brushed because with ultrasound, you do not have to 'brush'!

Ultrasound effectively combats:

  • Gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Oral cavity diseases
  • Plaque and tartar build up
  • Bad breath

By using ultrasound teeth cleaning as part of a regular scheduled routine, you can avoid expensive vet visits for treatment which would also include your dog being fully anaesthetised.

We can offer ultrasound teeth cleaning during your dogs’ regular grooming sessions. However, if there is plaque/tartar present, we recommend that you start with a course of weekly treatments.

First Visit £35 which includes an initial consultation and your pet's own toothbrush head. The initial visit will last 30 minutes.

Follow-up Visits £15 Follow-up visits will last 15 minutes.

We offer two payment options at Bilbo’s.
In both options we recommend a home routine to help your pets’ dental hygiene.

Option 1:


Initial Consultation including brush head £35.
Follow up Visits £15

This option includes:

Initial consultation and your dog’s own brush head. The head will need replacing after 10 visits or sooner if it has been damaged; replacement brush heads cost £10.00). The initial visit will last 20 minutes. Follow up visits can be added onto grooming visits or booked separately. However, if there is moderate plaque/tartar present, we recommend that you start with a course of weekly treatments.

Option 2:

Pre-Payment Plan

Prepaid 10 including brush head £150 (£20 discount)

This option includes:

Treatments can be purchased in blocks of 10 which includes your dog’s own brush head. Consultation times are the same as in Option 1 and after each block of 10 treatments purchased, you may change to Option 1 if you wish.

Contact our experts to book a dental care appointment for your dog, available across Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.