• Bilbo’s Pet Grooming is open so we can continue to care for the pets and clients that need us. Please note that 
  • Process : Please remain at the gate with your pet, we will collect them for their groom and return them to you.
  • We only allow multiple pets from the same household at any one time so staff can disinfect the premises between pets/ pets from the same household
  • We work in compliance with government guidelines and update procedures when required to do so. Please do not visit Bilbo’s if you are unwell or have been in contact with anyone who may have coronovirus.

Grooming cats is highly specialised and requires experienced handling and care.

For your complete reassurance we are qualified professionals and insured

Easy for you and low stress for your cat


Every cat is different which is why we take time to understand your cat’s individual needs. Appointments are relaxed, never rushed and breaks are taken as required. The aim is to leave your cat with a pleasant experience.

In order to assess your cat’s coat, behaviour and grooming requirements, an initial consultation is offered at no extra charge.
Bilbo’s pet Grooming offer a complete range of grooming services that can be completely tailored to your cat. From a hygiene trim to a full groom, we can cater for all your needs.

We provide grooming services tailored to your individual requirements, so please feel free to call and chat with us about what you need

The Benefits of Cat Grooming

Although cats are good at keeping themselves clean, part of owning a happy cat is looking after their skin, fur, and claws through regular grooming.

Regular grooming will keep your cats coat in good order: address tangles and prevent matting. Matted fur restricts your cat’s movements by pulling at the skin, causing anything from slight discomfort to severe pain and open sores.

Grooming can also help remove dead hair and dirt, reduce shedding, reduce the amount of hair swallowed by your cat and help distribute natural oils.
Plus, it provides the opportunity to check for lumps, cuts, ticks, mites and other injuries, health issues or parasites.

Difficult, nervous, or cats with 'Catitude'

With time, patience & care, most cats can be successfully groomed. There are a few cats, however, that may find the grooming process too stressful. In this situation, we work in collaboration with Andrea Reynolds MRVS at Archway Veterinary Centre who can provide properly supervised sedation whilst your cat has the benefit of our grooming expertise.

Looking to have your cat pampered? Contact our team for the grooming, bathing, and other services we provide across Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.