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Why your dog would prefer day care over being home alone

A couple of walks a day does not provide the exercise and stimulation dogs need.

Dogs are very loving pets. No matter how long an owner has been gone, no matter how the owner treated the dog before they left the dog at home alone, the dog will always greet the owner with a wagging tail when we return home. This is the unconditional love that our cherished doggies show us. While dogs will always give us this unconditional love as we return home from a long day at work that does not mean that we should not consider another option for the enrichment of our dog’s life.

Many owners think that they are providing sufficient care by having their dogs walked during the day. There are several problems with this reasoning.

• This still leaves the dog alone for the majority of the day while the owner is at work.

• A couple of walks at a human stride does not provide the physical exercise dogs require.

• “Pack-walks” do not provide the same benefits as off-lead socialisation as they are tethered to a lead and are not able to interact freely with one another. It basically just teaches them to walk on a lead next to other dogs while being controlled.

• Dogs are social pack animals. They need to be in the company of other dogs in an off-lead environment for optimal psychological well-being.

• Doggy day care provides a safe environment in which your pooch can run free and act like a dog is supposed to.

Day care Benefits are Endless!

There are several ways that dogs and their owners benefit from coming to doggy day care.

Exercise & Socialisation - Relief from Boredom

• Dogs thrive when they are around other dogs. Dog Day care provides the doggy with play times throughout the day to express normal doggy behaviour. They have the opportunity to meet and play with new dogs and learn how to properly socialise and interact with other dogs. When puppies are first born, they are adorable playing with their siblings. There is no reason to believe that as they get older, they would still not enjoy playing with other dogs. Doggie day care will help a dog learn how to act properly around other dogs. The skills learned will benefit the dog and the owner when they are out walking or at a doggy park.

Human Contact

• During the day while the owner is away at work, the dog doesn’t have to stay home alone. The staff members of the doggie day care interact with the dogs constantly. They are there to guide the play, give treats during quiet times, or a give belly rubs, scratches behind the ear and cuddles.

No damage to the home

• Dogs that are home all day alone get bored. They often act out by chewing on furniture, doors or anything else they can get their teeth and paws on. If the dog is trapped inside for most of the day, the results may not make their owner happy. Doggy Day Care takes these problems away.


• Doggy day care provides a healthier and safer environment for your dog. They cannot get into anything that is dangerous, they get exercise during the day and they are happier as a result. All of these things help them live happier, healthier, and longer.

• Relief from loneliness and the anxiety that loneliness can cause in dogs (including separation anxiety)

A Good Solution for Busy Owners

• Some dog owners feel guilty for going to work and leaving their dog at home. Doggie day care will allow the dog multiple opportunities to potty and be entertained while the owner is away.

• Having friends is important to everyone. Doggie Day care provides a safe and interactive place to play. Dogs Have So Much Fun at Day care!

Safer Socialisation

• Here is the great thing about day care versus parks.

• Day care is pre-screened and the dogs are properly supervised at all times. Bilbo's takes all the guesswork out of socialising your dog. We know what to look for, we watch the dogs all day and dogs are grouped according to temperament and energy levels.


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